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Surf Science2

Surf Science 2019

We have packed up our cutting edge sports technology and athlete tracking systems and gone to the beach! BioLAB's exciting 2019 surf science program has been developed and delivered to students enrolled at the Saltwater Institute, the country’s first full-time intensive surf school that is equal parts curriculum and training.

07 06 19

Teacher Professional Development Series: Shifting Mathematical Mindset

As part of our focus on Professional Development in 2019 BioLAB has partnered with Andrew Lorimer from Think Square to run Professional Development in Mathematics. The first workshop was run recently in Wangaratta with a full day workshop looking at "Shifting Mathematical Mindset".

31 05 19

BioCATS Indigenous Round

The BioCATS partnership program celebrated the AFL Indigenous Round by providing a unique BioCATS opportunity for Koorie students across the Wimmera South West region.

27 05 19

Bookings Update for 2019

We are full for 2019! If you have missed out on programs in 2019 please send through a Bookings Request and we will add you to the waiting list. 

12 02 19

2019 is FULL!

We have had an overwhelming response to our bookings and are full for 2019! We apologise to schools who have missed out. We do have a waiting list so please send through your details and you will be added to the list. 

11 02 19

Athlete Performance and Science for Success

Our 2018 Student Study Session Series has concluded with our latest workshop: Athlete Performance – The Science for Success.This session attracted over 32 students from

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