Biomechanics, Game and Data Analysis, GPS Athlete Tracking

  • Eye in the Sky

  • Eye in the Sky will expose students to cutting edge GPS athlete tracking equipment including a real time feedback system measuring distance, speed and heart rate. Students will also utilise iPads for skills mapping and biomechanical analysis.

    Students will analyse and generate their very own primary data sets in areas such as: work to rest ratios, movement and locomotor patterns, and skill frequencies.

    This is a wonderful way to look at performance and game analysis in sport and has many applications across Physical Education, Mathematics and Science.


    Key Themes: Biomechanics, Physiology, Data Analysis, Mathematical modelling, Graphing, Scientific communication

    Suitable for: Year 7-10 and VCE PE (Unit 1-4)

    Program Duration: 2 hours

    Maximum Class Size: 24