Sport Psychology, Mathematical Analysis

  • Inner Sanctum

  • The Inner Sanctum delves into the amazing world of human psychology and the relationship between mind and body.
    This program introduces various methods and techniques used by sports psychologists to train elite athletes. Students utilise physiological and psychological methods to identify personality traits, monitor the stress response and collect their own performance data using our Batak reaction time and Smart Speed timing gate systems.
    This program introduces the analysis, organisation and representation of quantitative data in psychology and mentors work with students to draw conclusions and generalisations based on class results. 

    Key Themes: Nervous and endocrine system, arousal control and techniques, sports anxiety and reaction time, Yerke-Dodson law, research methods and analysis of data.

    Suitable for Years: 8 - 10

    Program Duration: 2 hrs 

    Maximum class size: 28