Sport Science, VO2 Max, VCE Biology, VCE PE

  • Metabolic Madness

  • A great introduction to basic biochemistry and the way in which we can monitor metabolism during exercise.

    This program addresses outcomes in Units 3 and 4 of the VCE Physical Education Course and also we have an alternative version which looks at outcomes in VCE Biology. 
    We use our innovative Deakin Human Performance Lab to introduce the key themes and allow students to analyse first hand data.

    This program will include a VO2 Max test as well as a presentation and discussion with our resident sport scientist.


    Key Themes: Energy systems, Fuel utilisation, Ventilation, Gas Exchange, Blood Pressure, Vital Capacity, Oxygen Dept/Deficit, EPOC


    Bookings Information: One student will perform an educational VO2 max test as part of this program, all students will be involved in collecting their own primary data. 


    Suitable for: VCE Physical Education and Biology


    Program Duration: 2 hrs


    Maximum class size: 24