Sport Science, VO2 Max, VCE Biology, VCE PE

  • Metabolic Madness


    This program utilises the latest in performance diagnostics equipment to compare an indirect fitness assessment (multi-stage beep test) to a direct fitness assessment VO2 max. This experience utilises latest in research grade technology, the Cortex Metamax 3B  to perform a VO2 Max test for a nominated student. This allows for the precise measurement and live data recording of the following markers: Oxygen consumption, CO2 production, ventilation, heart rate, breath rate and fuel utilisation (fats and carbohydrates).
    All students collecting their own blood pressure, vital capacity, heart rate and core temperature for analysis. Presentation and analysis will occur with BioLAB’s resident sport scientist. 


    Key Themes: Energy systems, VO2 Max, gas exchange, respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen deficit and debt & EPOC, fuel utilisation and primary data collection.


    Bookings Information: One student will perform an educational VO2 max test as part of this program, all students will be involved in collecting their own primary data. Gym required for outreach program bookings


    Suitable for: VCE Physcial EducationYear 10 Sport Science electives


    Program Duration: 2 hrs


    Maximum class size: 28