Exercise Science, Data collection and Analysis, GPS Athlete tracking

  • Sport Science Experience

  • This program is designed to give students an insight to the applications of sport and exercise science in sporting environments. Students  are hands on with state of the art equipment and technology and conduct three investigations;
    • GPS Data Analysis (Inhouse Program)- Students will get hands on with GPS technology, measuring speed and distance metrics while playing minor games. Students will be able to use the data collected complete a data analysis, including calculating work rate.
    • Training Zones (Inhouse program)  - Using physiological sensors and real time datalogging to investigate acute response to exercise. This investigation focuses on heart rate training zones and recovery times.
    • Biomechanics (Inhouse and Outreach program) - In two experiments students collect primary data on their ability to produce force in maximal jumps. Comparing left vs right leg students identify their dominant side while in the other experiment students explore the effect of physical activity on maximal force production.
    • Sport Psychology (Outreach  and Wet Weather only) - Athletes are bombarded with distractions throughout sporting events. During this component of the program we explore the effect of distractions on the student performance using the Fitlights to measure reaction time. 

    Key Themes: Physiological responses to exercise, sport science and sports testing, sports psychology, primary data collection and analysis.

     Suitable for Years: 9-10/VCE PE

    Program Duration: Inhouse Program -  3.5 hours (9.30am-2.00pm including lunch break)

          Outreach Program - 2 hours

    Maximum class size: 28