• Wearable Tech - Senior

  • We have class sets of wearable technology devices which allow you to complete a number of mathematical, scientific and health investigations with students. A box of devices will be dropped off to your school and students wear them for a full day of activity. BioLAB specialists then visit your classroom to provide reports and resources to help you analyse the heart rate, energy expenditure and distance data.


    This program is a wonderful way to introduce your students to data analysis using personal and class data sets, research methodologies, findings and conclusions as a scientific poster. 

    This program is an OUTREACH program and we bring the technology to your school! 


    KEY THEMES: Heart rate, energy expenditure and wearable technologies, data analysis and scientific poster development.

    SUITABLE FOR: Year 7-10

    PROGRAM DURATION: 1 day data collection, follow up BioLAB visit