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    Monday 12th August  OR  Tuesday 20th of August!

    Metabolic Madness is designed to suit Years 11-12 groups (we recommend Physical Education Classes will find this relevant for SAC content)

    Metabolic Madness

    A great introduction to basic biochemistry, exercise science and the way in which we can monitor metabolism during exercise.

    This program addresses outcomes in Units 3 and 4 of the VCE Physical Education Course. Join Team BioLAB and our resident Deakin University Sport Scientist as we perform a gold standard fitness test on our “Lab Rat” – Professional Endurance Triathlete Renee Lane.

    We use our innovative Deakin Human Perfor-mance Lab and AD instruments Metabolic Cart to introduce the key themes such as VO2 max, Oxygen Debt, Oxygen Deficit and the Energy Systems. Students will analyse first hand data throughout the test and also have a chance to participate in a Q&A session with our Sport Scientist.

    This program will include a VO2 Max test as well as a presentation and discussion with our resident sport scientist. Participating schools will be sent a resource pack to utilise throughout the video conference session which will in-clude student booklets and teacher re-source package.

     Key Themes: Energy Systems, Gas Ex-change, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Oxygen Debt and Deficit, Blood Pressure and Cellular Metabolism.

    Suitable for: VCE Physical Education (particularly Year 12 Unit 4)

    Program Duration: 2 hrs


    Bookings are limited.

    Booking a time:

    The program goes for 2 hours with schools asked to provide a further 30 mins (15 mins before and after the scheduled conference time for set up and evaluation of program). Program times are scheduled between 9am - 2.30pm.

    Schools are asked to contact to schedule a time OR contact 4245 4100

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