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Renee will be on 12 months leave from BioLAB throughout 2018/19 we look forward to having her back on board in 2019! 

Renee, also affectionately known as ‘Laney’ is our Lead Education Officer at BioLAB. After 12 years of teaching in the Geelong region, the opportunity to be involved in delivering Sport Science and Mathematics programs to students across the state, is her dream job.

As a former professional athlete, the position at BioLAB combines Laney’s personal and professional lives. With a true passion for human performance and applications of technology in sport Laney brings a huge amount of skill, enthusiasm and experience to BioLAB’s program development and delivery. Creating real life, engaging, fun and interactive experiences for all students, staff and visitors to BioLAB, is Laney’s greatest strength. She is also BioLAB’s resident “lab rat” and plays a key role in the testing of all our programs and technology.